Ti5 - Agriculture Controller

The right size for your crop.

Ti5 is the only plataform in it’s class that supports a combination of functions used in Precision Farming.

Avoid failures on operation.

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Reach seeding perfection.

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Control fertilizer application with accuracy and economy.

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Optimize your application by avoiding overspraying areas. 

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Features - Ti5
• 5” touch screen;
• Intuitive and built to last;
• Rugged Aluminum case;
• Ideal to all field operation;
• Operates during day, night and low visibility conditions;
• Farming Accuracy: L1 GPS/GLONASS 28cm RMS GLIDE (15 min).

Optional Accessories - Ti5
• Brackets;
• Power supply for extra tractor;
• Antena and harness for extra tractor;
• Set of valves and flowmeter;
• Seed and fertilizer sensors.

Custom Solutions

Operation Mode


Download the CE Conformity to European Directive.