Providing nourishment for a growing world.

The challenges related to producing food for a rapidly growing world are enormous. Hexagon Agriculture and its network of brands are meeting the issue head-on with solutions to help increase productivity and optimize processes and resources.

The solutions cover the entire production cycle with a smooth integration of software and flexible on-board equipment.

Key benefits

• An option to combine Planting Monitor, Section Crop and Variable Rate on the same on-board computer enables better precision, savings, performance and easy operation and total control on the same equipment

• 2D and 3D view suited for all users

• Increased efficiency of the performed activities within Straight Lines, Repetitive Curve, Adaptive Curve and Central Pivot

• Water resistance and protection against rain and dust in cases of an open cabin

• Fast application Reduced number of stops made for machine adjustment

•  Reliability Use of GPS/DGPS to track equipment, guaranteeing localized application according to the application maps

• Savings System helps the application of agricultural correctives, verifying the ideal volume of inputs to be used in each small area that will be planted so the producer can save approximately 20 percent of inputs

• Correctives application at a variable rate that can increase productivity up to 25 percent