A unique and integrated solution for tasks from plantation planning to automated harvest.

From planning to harvest automation

The sugar-alcohol industry demands a high level of productivity and efficiency to obtain success in a highly competitive market. Hexagon Agriculture supports producers by offering solutions from planting and refurbishing to meet growth goals, automating equipment on the different phases of the crop and monitoring the operation to ensure these goals will be achieved.

Present in more than 80 per cent of the sugar-alcohol producer market, Hexagon Agriculture’s software tools support farmers in decision making, by guaranteeing the optimization of investments and resources. By integrating precision positioning systems and automatic pilots, it is possible to execute what is being planned at a high level of precision and forecast.

Covering all production cycle software and hardware products enables:

· Planning – Artificial intelligence systems support planning in strategic and tactical levels

· Operational support – Based on geographic information systems, many operations are planned, simulated and optimised

· Operational control – Systems guarantee planning is followed properly

Automation – Positioning systems and automatic pilots provide precision for planting and harvesting

Automation benefits:

· Maximized use of soil to increase the number of crop rows per hectare

· Precise operation and productivity control of each mobile resource

· Input application in a variable rate, saving resources and preserving the environment